Monday, May 15, 2006

Keyword Research SEO Article


In this SEO Article we will see how important it is to do some serious keyword research before we start building any content for the webpage. Keyword research is the top priority in any SEO technique. It's always best you spend little time on the keywords for your website to be ranked on top 5 on any search engine. This SEO Article with show you effective ways to do keyword research.

How many Keywords?

It is usually suggested to find 1 to 3 keywords for your content, but extensive research is required to find out which keyword is most crucial; after all its no point of optimizing your website for the keywords that no-one is searching for. So make sure you do your paperwork and jot down which keywords are most searched for and are with less competition. Write as many keywords you think of, don't just limit them. You should be able to build up several phrases from them. While thinking of any keyword search think about following:
  • List down the purpose of your website. You will definitely find some words here.
  • What would you type in the search engine if you want to find out your website?
There is a very good tool I have suggested in my SEO Article for OnPage SEO techniques. Let me suggest you again OVERTURE search suggestion tool. This tool not only shows you how many searches have been made for a given keyword in past month but all show you several alternatives for that keyword. The other keyword research tool I can suggest of is WORDTRACKER. Although it requires subscription, but OVERTURE is completely free. Search engines like Google also provides with good recommendation tool although it does not indicate any popularity. Keyword Elite which I personally use for my websites optimization is top of every keyword research tools. We'll see in-depth about Keyword Elite in our other SEO Articles.

Here are the links of all tools:
  • Keyword Elite
  • NicheBot
  • Digital Point Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Keyword Discovery

Competition for Keywords

After you are done with your keyword research for seo and short listed all phrases it's now time to find out the competition involved with them. The best way to analyze competition is go to any search engine and type your keyword. This will show you number of results return. For example the following image shows you 46,900,000 results for the term "keyword research articles".

Keyword Research SEO Article image (click to view bigger)

Now you can imagine how much work is involved to out rank the top website for this keyword. In order to make this task easier use paper-based or excel worksheet as done below:

Keyword Term: keyword research article
Date of Search: __________
Top ranked site: _____________
Search result: 46,900,000
No of searches made in OVERTURE: X numbers

Likewise repeat the same procedure for your other phrases. This will help you to do various comparisons between several key terms and select the best niche keyword.

Applying Keywords to your content

After you have selected 1 to 3 keywords for your webpage content use them throughout the page shown here OnPage SEO techniques. Make sure to keep . Here is the quick glance where to use keywords.
  • Title Tag: Title tag content is displayed on your browser's title. You can use about 70 to 80 characters here. Make sure to use good combination of you keywords here separated by '¦'. For example for our "keyword research articles" keyword we can use Keyword Research Articles ¦ SEO Article for Keyword Research.

  • Meta Description Tag: Write meta tag description of about 200 to 250 words include your most relevant keywords.

  • Header Tags: Always use your main keyword in h1 tag and combination of your keywords in h2 tag. h1 tag can be used as headings and h2 tag can be used as sub-headings.

  • Body Tag: This is where you spread your keywords. Make sure you have at least 300 words in your body content where you use your keywords in the first 25 and last 25 words of the tag. Make sure you bold, italics and underline you keywords.

  • Img Alt Tag: If you are using images always provide alt attribute which shows your keywords.

  • Anchor Tag: Text appearing for any link is called anchor tag. This has high relevance in any search engine.

  • Webpage name: Having keyword name as part of you webpage name is also very important.


So keyword research is the heart of any SEO task. Without any firm research you will not rank high and ultimately your onpage SEO suffers. Good niche keywords turns into traffic which converts into sales conversion. Hope this SEO Article is useful.


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