Sunday, May 14, 2006

On Page SEO Technique Article


There are two types of SEO techniques we need to take care of while optimization of your webpages for Google.
  • OnPage SEO technique
  • OffPage SEO technique

In this SEO Article we will cover OnPage SEO, and will show you various steps you need to take for ranking at #1 spot for your search term.

Keyword research

Before we do any optimization for any search engine it very important you do some brainstroming with your search term for which you want to rank first. By search term I mean keywords research. Keywords are on which your webpage relies on. So before you start creating or even collecting contents for your webpage you should do some serious keyword search. There are many keyword research tools available online. Some are paid and most of them are free. A good keyword tool I can suggest is Overture. This tool shows you various phrases for your choosen keyword and also shows you how many searches were made during last month. So do serious keyword search.

OnPage Search Engine Optimization

So now when we have done keyword research we should start looking for the content for the webpage. When publishing content for your choosen keypharase following onpage optimization factors should be given serious attention.
  • Put your keyword in the h1 Tag
  • Blend you main keyword with other words and put in h2 tag for sub-categories
  • Use your main keyword in the title tag
  • Make sure your use bold, italics, underline your keywords
  • If you using images in your webpage its best to use alt tag and place your main keyword there with the word "image" or "graphics". e.g digital camera image
  • Finally use your keyword in the first 25 and last 25 words of your content.
Always research competitors for your main keyword and do exactly what they are doing but add up little bit more to out rank them.


So this seo article helps you in doing all nesessary work you need to do onpage seo. But the onpage optimization is not alone that will take you to #1 rank. While onpage seo optimization is important but its offpage seo optimization that takes you to the #1 spot.


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