Sunday, December 03, 2006

Increase Search Engine Traffic by Publishing Ezines

An eZine isn't only good to capture leads as well as repeat visitors. It isn't only good for establishing great relationships with your prospects. If that were the case, then eZines can easily be replaced by other marketing tactics.

But eZines are on a class of their own. They are one of the most potent marketing strategies in existence. Part of this lies in their amazing ability to keep in touch with potential customers/visitors, of course. But a great part of it lies in their sheer flexibility. Indeed, eZines are capable of satisfying many marketing purposes that can bring in some direct and indirect income for your enterprise.

There are so many things you can accomplish with your eZine, basically because your eZine is capable of so many things. It's not just a means of conveying information. It can be bigger than that. And its benefits will surely stack up as time goes by and your digital publication will grow in reputation.

Why YOU should publish your own eZine

  1. An eZine can immediately brand you as an expert in your field. An eZine conveys information, information that will be attributed to come from you, the publisher. This is an excellent way of building your reputation. People will easily think that if you have the balls to publish an eZine, you have the knowledge and the skills to back it up.

  2. An eZine can help provide a boost for your sales. This is a given. Statistics show that at an average, people buy after the 12th contact. How do you contact them? This is a purpose served by the mailing list, as powered by your eZine.

  3. An eZine can become your leverage. Want to enter a joint venture with established players in the field? The first thing they will study is the size of your mailing list. If you have a quality and well-marketed eZine, your mailing list is sure to grow and you can use this as a bargaining point. Joint ventures are a “what's in it for me” proposition. You have to show your prospective partners that you're a worthy addition to their team by presenting a mailing list with a lot of subscribers and an amazing response rate.

  4. An eZine can become a revenue-generating system by itself. Once your mailing list grows, you can sell ad space on your eZine. A lot of online businessmen are constantly on the lookout for eZines with huge readerships where they can promote their own products and services.

  5. An eZine can even require payment for subscription. Once your eZine gains a lot of prominence and credibility in the industry, you can start charging subscription rates. A lot of the big name internet marketing superstars today have paid subscriptions, and such is doing wonders for their profit rate.

  6. An eZine can advertise your other ventures. Even if your activities are beyond internet marketing, you can always mention the same in the issues you distribute. Ezines can grow so big that the advertising mileage they can provide has tremendous potentials. It's always a great way of reaching more people, and it's fast considering the speed of digital delivery. Furthermore, you won't have to spend that much on advertising cost, since it's YOUR eZine.

There are other benefits in publishing your own eZine, but the reasons above are at the top of the list. The bottom line is this: there is no reason – no reason at all – why you should refrain from publishing your own eZine. If there's one tactic that will change the course of your online business, it's this.


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