Saturday, July 29, 2006

Reciprocal Links Exchange Automated

Quality reciprocal links exchange with same themed websites can give a big boost to your website's ranking on major search engines. Reciprocal links exchange has its advantages and pitfalls. To avoid disadvantages when exchanging reciprocal links with your website link partners it is important to know where you should take particular care.

Google's recent change in its algorithm has been found that while giving your website a page rank it gives more weight to quality and relevant inbound links to your website. So do not think of automatic reciprocal links exchange as of simple link swap, because low-value link swap will not help you with ranking and real targeted traffic from search engine.

Having changed your philosophy of manual or automatic reciprocal link exchange, pay attention to traditional traps and mistakes during link exchange. Reciprocal links exchange has a major role to play in increasing your link popularity, securing a high page rank and bringing in natual targeted traffic. Though Search Engines consider one way links superior to reciprocal links.

Reciprocal links exchange for new webmasters

The biggest problem faced by new webmasters is that their request for reciprocal links exchange is often turned down by webmasters with high page rank websites because the new site often is PR0. So it always advised to new webmasters to apply systematic approach to reciprocal links request to high page rank websites, like to make sure website is not under construction when requesting link exchange, make sure to submit your website to major search engines and directories like DMOZ.

Very important to get one way link is to submit articles to article directories like, etc. When you have submitted articles to these article directories you can place a link to resource box pointing to your website. This is a very good way of getting quality one way links.

How do I automate reciprocal links exchange?

The above process involves tedious manual intervention, which can take months to get high quality reciprocal links exchange with your website. Ideally you need something completely automation for your reciprocal links exchange. I use several automated tools for building reciprocal links to my websites, and believe me this is amazingly fast and I get link partners very fast than in the normal process.

Using automatic reciprocal links exchange software is a new way of link building which can get your website indexed by search engines faster, higher page rank at Google, Yahoo and MSN and targeted website traffic.

Nickolay Bokhonok and his team has came up with a breaking through invention, a little known strategy that allowed to find super motivated link partners in every niche. With properly testing Nickolay's brand new software package Auto Link Exchanger I have found some fantastic results. One of my brand new website using Auto Link Exchanger was indexed by major search engines within couple of days and this was just based on natural ranking (no pay-per-clicks advertising or site submissions).

As I have just mentioned Google likes quality inbound links when allocating your website page rank. Auto Link Exchanger is specifically build to find relevant link partners based on your website theme.

Another reciprocal links exchange software I have used is Auto Links Pro. This amazing software has the power to handle virtually unlimited links and link partners filling your link directory up with quality links. Best thing about this automatic reciprocal links exchange software is they have their own website spider, which means you don't have to worry about losing a link or annoying a link partner because your link has moved to another page, as these software sends them an email asking them to login and add where your link is located.

Currently, I'm also testing Link Machine, another reciprocal links exchange software. You can download Link Machine's Basic Version which is completly free and does most of automated links exchange task. Link Machine finds hundreds of popular, relevant sites to potentially exchange links with, inviting the webmasters of these sites to exchange links, using Link Machine's fast e-mail templates. It also generates custom link pages that perfectly match the look of your site and keep track of each reciprocal link to your site.

These automated reciprocal links exchange software can easily create a professional, searchable and highly functional directory for automatic link exchange on any of your sites very fast. In your link exchange directory you can make unlimited number of categories and subcategories. All directory pages created by these software are static and SEO optimized. They can find unlimited number of sites that are waiting for link exchanging with you.

Reciprocal links exchange software are build using powerful PHP server-side scripting language and uses MySQL database. So before you consider using them make sure your web hosting provider meets following requirements.

Script Type:
PHP Server Side Scripting
Operating System:
UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD or likewise
Web Server:
PHP Version:
PHP 4 or more
PHP Configuration:
Safe_Mode = OFF
Allow_Url_Fopen = ON
cURL PHP library is required
MySQL 3 and 4

There are several other unique features for these automated reciprocal links exchange software which you can find by visiting relevant links below: